Post-Congress Field Trip



The post-Congress fieldtrip will be conducted in MOGOK GEM STONE AREA. Please complete and return the Registration Form by 31st December, 2017. Registered participants will receive instructions and itinerary of the fieldtrips.
Post-Congress Fieldtrip :
Observation Points: Metamorphic and intrusive of the MMB north of Mandalay; Occurrence of gemstones in Mogok Area by observing gem-exploiting and (or) abandoned mines; Paleozoic & Mesozoic sections along the car-road on the northern Shan State.
Leaders :
Dates : 3rd – 7th Feb.2018.
  • 3rd Feb, 2018.      Yangon      –      Mandalay by Flight Mandalay      –      Mogok by Car
  • 4th Feb, 2018.      Mogok        –      Pyaunggaung     (Peridot Mines)
  • 5th Feb, 2018.      Mogok        –      Mogok (Mines)
  • 6th Feb. 2018.      Mogok        –      Pyinoolwin
  • 7th Feb, 2018.      Pyinoolwin  –      Mandalay      by Car  
                                Mandalay    –      Yangon         by Flight
Fee : USD 1300 (inclusive of 2 flights, ground transport, 4 nights’ accommodation on twin sharing basic and field guide), reliable meal comprising breakfast, lunch and dinner (not including beverages)
Limit : Minimum 10 persons, maximum 15 persons
Registration deadline : 31st December 2017.